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Do I Really Need to Stage My Home for Sale?

do i really need to stage my home for sale - port aransas realtor
There is one truth in real estate, whether you’re selling a home in Coquina Bay or a condo at the Mustang Island Beach Club: your home is going to sell for more money if it’s properly staged. It’ll probably sell faster, too, which is a double-bonus.
So let’s talk about home staging.

What is Home Staging?

You wouldn’t walk into a job interview in sweatpants and a grungy T-shirt, right? Or even a pair of nice jeans and a button-down, right?
Think of staging your home as dressing it for success.
You want it to look its best so it makes a good impression on buyers, because when it makes a good impression on buyers, they reward you with an offer to purchase it.

How Do You Stage a Home?

You can’t stage your home until you’ve completed all the necessary repairs to prepare it for sale. Once those are done, it’s time to dress your house for success.
Many people choose to hire professional home stagers before they sell, but if you have an eye for good balance and know what you’re doing, you could stage your home for sale yourself.
Start by removing any non-essential furniture. Take the leaves out of your dining table, put away the chair that nobody sits in (preferably in a storage unit you’ve rented for this purpose), and rearrange everything so that the home has a more open look.
Take out everything that you haven’t used in the past six months, too, and pack it for your next home (or donate, sell, or toss it).
From there, rearrange the furniture in a way that promotes the look of an open floor plan and gives each room a distinct purpose; that could mean arranging a sofa and love seat in a vignette around a rug, moving the desk out of the spare bedroom and replacing it with a bed, and a number of other strategic moves.

Are You Selling Your Home in Port Aransas or North Padre Island?

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